Monday, August 08, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #4

Jon Stewart on Miracle Flight 358 . . . choice

Okay, perfect, thanks Pharyngula.

And the same guy, Kung Fu Monkey, on Hollywood. This guy's getting blogrolled and checked regularly . . .

Speaking of Pharyngula (do you get the feeling i read this blog every day . . .), i read a post there yesterday, and was so stunned by it that the best i could do was to offer up a shallowly humorous note in the comment string. I had to go back and read it again today, and found myself further overwhelmed. Do humans like this still exist in the 21st Century? I wrote once at some length (not posted here) about my inability to reconcile that i had lived in an age of lynchings and rioting and ignorance. I was of the age of moonwalks and computers and television, for god's sake. I had to satisfy myself then that whatever vestiges of hatred remained in our great society would finally vanish with the deaths of the leftover hatemongerers. Well, i've only recently come to recognize the renaissance, the rebirth, of this nonsense (and it never really disappeared did it Michelle, Ann?). Daily it seems that it's becoming more acceptable to blurt out hatred. I attribute this to a blanket license assumed from the behavior of the gunslinging megalomaniac-in-chief who manages our country. It's dire. Nevertheless, the outright evil spilling from the mind of this illiterate ,quoted by PZ Myers on his blog, completely blindsided me. I'm still reeling.


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