Saturday, August 13, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #9

Keeping track of the players in the Plame Case

Counterpoint from the elegantly, eloquently talented, and brave (if overdressed) Michael Yon.

Siberia is melting . . . so what's freezing over?

Rightists pick rightists . . . sad

The other day i took NARAL to task for its national ad on John Roberts using material from Now NARAL takes FactCheck to task here. Unfortunately, the argument i make is the same, there is no need to stretch the truth or lie in order to make the point when the truth does just fine. The real issue is when will we have had enough of the ugliness of political society and the divisions that have been created in the last five years. I for one am sick of it. NARAL withdrew the ad despite its defense.

Noooooo, not bananas . . .

Thanks to ThinkProgress, Clicked, Altercation, Bitch PhD, The New York Times

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