Wednesday, August 31, 2005

COM: BlogDay2005

That's Today!

The idea is to post five links to blogs to share with anyone who comes traipsing along. This is hard -- there are so many blogs where i would send folks. Then i thought well it'd be nice to hit up some of the smaller lesser known or newer blogs. Then i thought well i want some folks in certain fields to find some neat things . . .

I ended with a mix: the little- and the well-known; the specialized and the general; the big, the small, etc.

Here they are:

For my writer friends, the environmental crew, and my Texas homies, there's the eloquence of my friend Burr Williams at:

El Llanero

For my civil rights, politics, and just plain good-hearted friends, there's the brilliance (and downright pure heart) of David Neiwert at:


For my hard-core naturalist friends, there's the incredible array of faunal lists and photographs at:

The Natural Stone

For my language and persuasive and writer and actor friends, there's the dissected minutiae of a crowd of linguists at:

Language Log

And finally, from another fine person whose heart is squarely in the right place, my friend Greg Moses talks about peace at:


Then there's the ones i wanted to nominate but i only had five, so some of the better known things got left out, like: Pharyngula, big bird blog, Burnt Orange Report, Cinemocracy, Creek Running North, Invasive Species Weblog, Kung Fu Monkey, Michael Yon, Overheard in New York, skippy the bush kangaroo, The Loom, and i'm sure dozens more.

But, please take a minute to browse one or more of the featured blogs above -- they're worth your time. Thanks . . . tg

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