Saturday, August 27, 2005

COM: Friends again

Whoa! I was just sitting here checking links and John Baumann appeared at my window! He was up the road at Mo Ranch for a leadership conference, and decided to stop by to try and retrieve his summer-lost guitar (no luck). We had a great talk, covering the Vista Bubble edge to edge, before he had to take off for work. Among other things he told me, his dad and his sister Sarah are both in the play Love Thy Neighbor which will playing at STAGE in Bulverde, October 6-23. You can bet i'll be there. John also said he's going to be trying out for the Churchill Soccer Team. Get after it John!

William Lawson nearly had a TD pass in last Saturday's scrimmage but it got picked off. Otherwise sounds like he had a decent day.

Today they play Denton Ryan at SMU. I played in that stadium (in fact it was a big jumpstart in my short career) in about 1973 i believe -- long story for another time. But best of luck to William -- it's Friday Night Lights time now.

You guys be sure and check out Thomas Boydston's blog Second Edition -- cool pictures, cool ideas.

Clifton Fifer came by this week and we transferred his old website material to a new blog. It's here at Seven Thunders.

I'll be off to see Jeff Scott's The Complete Works of William Shakespeare tonight in Fredericksburg. Will post a review.

Claire Mestepey's in need of a camera and editing room for a short film of a play she's doing. She's in the Houston area if that's something someone can accomodate . . . Update: She has a camera now. And she's filming a piece to use in her new corporate seminars. She's put up a website at Disability Insights.


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