Friday, August 19, 2005

COM: Keeping up with friends

Curtis Cummings emailed the other day that he was going to be in town, so we were able to meet up for a long lunch at Chili's. It was great getting to see him. He's getting married in November. He was going to get to see Matt Goodwyn that evening. Hope they had a super visit. Joe Frank and Kelly have a second kid now and i got to see a bunch of pictures -- their place out east looks a lot like the hills here.

William Lawson is playing his first scrimmage of the 2005 season tomorrow for Highland Park. I expect to hear how he did and will pass it on here.

Curt Steinhorst and i have been trading messages lately via Facebook. Everyone should get on his case about writing more on his blog -- he's got lots to say -- let's hear it.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with several folks in the last few weeks that i haven't heard from in over a year -- some in a few years, including John Edward Hibbert, Zack Ewing, Blake Nelson, David Osborn, Scott Davis, Justus Anderson, Chris Cabaniss, Erin Curra-Spurger, Peter Derman, Taylor Journey, Stephen Moursund and Iker Urquiola. Hope to find some more folks before i exhaust the possibilities.

Jeff Scott is finishing up his star turn in Love's Labour Lost this weekend, while his own show The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is playing Fredericksburg. He'll be in next week though to shepherd the remaining dates of that piece. I'll have more details later.


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