Wednesday, August 17, 2005

COM: Ready to reclaim our title . . .

. . .as the nation's intellectual backwater. So now that Kansas is beginning to fade in our media memory, along comes an article in the New York Times with this lovely trio of paragraphs -- north Texas mind you . . . Dallas-area . . .

"The Nigerians I've seen on TV are dark, really dark, not like the black people around here," said Tina Causey, 69, a house cleaner who lives in Floyd with her husband, a post office employee. "I'm not a racist, I've got Mexican grandchildren."

. . .

Jesse Isham, 72, a retired factory worker who spends his summer afternoons tending a garden of melons, sweet potatoes and corn, echoed that sentiment. Mr. Isham said he had "nothing against black people," but "I just don't like some of their ways, like the ones who do drugs."

He continued, "As long as they behave themselves it'll be fine."


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