Tuesday, August 23, 2005

COM: Serendipity

I'm not much on serendipity or destiny or synchronicity or any of those other space-age concepts, but i can sure spot incipient examples when i see them.

Today, on the back road here, there are flyers on every post advertising a "huge" reward for the return of a parrot. While the signs don't explicitly state so, the bird is obviously an African Gray ("gray with red tail and black beak"). Considering i have an aviary full of rare birds (i.e., Amboina King Parrot, Bronze-winged Parrot, Cardinal Quelea, etc.) there was some though that the bird might have been lured here -- but no, not yet anyway. It is obviously a huge loss for someone. Grays have captured the hearts of an awful lot of my friends.

So it is especially interesting that today Hedwig at Living the Scientific Life tells a story of acquiring a Congo Gray that will obviously be a great move for all the parties involved (maybe even the dog).

And speaking of dogs (sly, huh), in another animal-gets-a-pardon story, Chris Clarke at Creek Running North got good news in an ironic way yesterday. We've spoken here before about the sad series of posts about his dog Zeke and the reminiscing that the canine provoked. But then there was an incident . . . and from there he should tell the story.

This is hitting a bit close to home. Clifton Fifer just stopped by and we talked about his website (that i put together) being inaccessible. I convinced him to convert to blogging -- he'll be here once i finish moving things over.

Anyway, here's the short paragraph version of the whole story. I always wanted to direct To Kill A Mockingbird here in town but never got a taker company. Then suddenly it's on the P2K stage under the direction of the Cunninghams. And it was a show for which i couldn't even audition. But Clifton got the call and was a big highlight as Tom Robinson. Then Clifton takes off tonight so i can work on his blog, and i pull up a new window (home set to CNN) and catch that Brock Peters, who played Robinson in the movie version has died. All i'm going to say.


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