Sunday, August 07, 2005

COM: Some time with friends

The last couple of days resulted in my getting a chance to see some really good, old friends, some of whom are about to disembark for college life.

Of course, Jonah Priour's Jesus Christ Superstar may have been the last chance i'll get to see many of the ITM graduates of last spring, and it was great to get to spend some time with them post-show (see the review), but also to get to see them perform perhaps for the last time as a group in their hometown.

From the camp end, Jim and John Edward (and perhaps Jamie and Clark) came through camp on Friday. I was expecting them maybe Saturday and so i missed them, but got to talk to Jim on the phone later. John Edward is going to be a freshman at Mississippi and will be on his way soon. Clark is a high school junior and playing football this fall. Hopefully i'll see them later this fall on one of the holidays if they make it up our way.

Travis Haring is doing the boy scout thing down the road at Bear Creek, but of course is using the air-conditioning here in the in-between.

And then, last night i stopped in at Chili's to see the Weatherford-Jackson Band which i'd been trying to do for some time and had just never synchronized. Besides drummer Tom Goodwyn and keyboardist Seth Weatherford, i got to see Chris and Brad O'Quinn and Matt and Becky Goodwyn. I run across Matt now and then (one of my great prides is having coached Matt -- who was an outstanding player, but a much finer human being -- and now he's coaching too), but it's been a while since we sat down and really talked.

So i missed actually paying attention to the band (although notably, almost right on Matt's cue, they played Grand Funk's I'm Your Captain and brought a few old memories of life in the Charger back; and also used Los Lonely Boys between sets); but will never trade the two hours of rambling talk we had. Matt is doing the athletic directing thing for the local Y, and just got hired as the assistant volleyball coach at Schreiner University (so i'll be watching some volleyball this fall, and you can expect me to post a schedule here soon). He's a wonderful young man and i couldn't be more happy that's he working with kids. Anyway, brother C.J. just got married a few weeks ago and they're looking at a move to Vegas (she's in business), brother Michael is at A&M-Corpus (which gives them a place to stay while surfing), and life seems all around peachy. It couldn't happen to a finer group of folks.


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