Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ENV: Announcing the Circus of the Spineless!

That's right, Bootstrap Analysis, Urban Dragon Hunters and milkriverblog are banding together to bring you another Carnival devoted to writing and photography about animals on the web.

This, the Circus of the Spineless, is devoted to all those critters in the lower reaches of the great evolutionary bush -- those that have no vertebrae. So we're talking here about insects (especially blog favorites butterflies, moths, dragonflies and beetles, plus a whole host of other critters), arachnids, molluscs (yep, blog favorites octopi and squid fit here), crustaceans, worms, mites, lice, and who knows what else folks find to blog about. We're just looking for the best writing and the best photos out there in the blogosphere.

It will appear monthly, but get this, each blogger may submit more than one post!

There's an introduction and some rules at the official Spineless site here.

Submissions for the first edition are due no later than September 28th, so start collecting now.

In addition to looking for your submissions and/or getting the word out, we're looking for some other things you might be able to help with.

First, of course, we'll need some hosts for future carnivals including a host for October 31st! Then we're looking for December and beyond. If you're interested flash me an email back.

And we're also looking to make the base site a good reference point for invertebrate info for those who come stumbling around. I already have a significant linkload based on my specialties (and on Texas to an extent). We'd love to have any more links you can pass along to add to that list.

Thanks for your help and participation -- hope to see you soon at the Circus of the Spineless!


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