Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ENV: Announcing The Nature Writers of Texas

In early 2003 Burr Williams suggested the formation of an organization of Texas writers who pen stories on the state's wildlife. The result was a website featuring the archived works of a number of Texas authors.

Over a dozen authors contributed on topics ranging from birds to butterflies, snow to hurricanes, and favorites to hate 'ems.

Unfortunately, the site crashed in mid-2005 and was lost for all intents until now. The Nature Writers of Texas has been resurrected, including all of the archives, in blog format. Each author's articles will be posted as received and archived for future reference.

We'd welcome you to take a look at

If you have a blog or website, we'd appreciate your helping us get the word out.

If you had this bookmarked before, now is the time to change the address.

And we hope this stirs more writers to action. If you are a publishing author on the wildlife of Texas, or know one who is not represented here, please give us a shout. If you are on the list but have slipped in contributing, now is also a good time to forward your articles and archives.

Submissions can be made to swallowtailedkite, or you can contact me for more information at Author's guidelines can be found here.


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