Thursday, August 18, 2005

ENV: I and the Bird #4

Yo, we got birds!

If you've been hanging around the bird blogs lately you know exactly what this is -- the 4th edition of the blog carnival I and the Bird brought to you by 10,000 Birds.

If you're completely lost let's start here -- a blog carnival is a periodical roundup of the best writing on a specific topic. I and the Bird is about, well . . . birds!

This spanking new edition comes on the heels of a great roundup at our neighbors down the road at B and B. And there'll be a new one in the pipeline at A DC Birding Blog pronto. So, if you're into writing about birds, why not offer them a post to feature in the next collection of I and the Bird coming up September 1st (deadline for submissions is August 30th). So get your submissions honed and send them to Mike at 10,000 Birds, and/or to John at A DC Birding Blog.

We're listed on The Truth Laid Bear UberCarnival.

And now, for this week's blogposts just check out the feathered critters below, arranged roughly in taxonomic order. See a bird you like, or a note that whets your brain? Just click on the picture.

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