Friday, August 12, 2005

ENV: Not-Really-a-Cat-Friday

Seven-whorled Toothsnail, Polygyra septemvolva volvoxis

Crawling on the windowsill this morning was a small snail that is often confused taxonomoically. Ours is identified as the Seven-whorled Toothsnail, Polygyra septemvolva volvoxis, but it seems to be confused throughout its range with Polygyra cereolus. I have specimens of that beast from Florida -- at least they came IDed as that from someone i trust -- and that critter, while superficially similar is T-Rex compared to this guys' lizard. The one in this photo is barely a quarter-inch in diameter, while my P. cereolus specimens are nearly an inch. The volume difference is considerable. Aydin Orstan at Snail's Tales has a similar post -- he's not sure either. For now, at least, i'm continuing to label mine P. s. volvoxis.

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