Monday, August 29, 2005

ENV: Observation time

Early this morning, while the Great Horned Owl was hooting close by, i was startled by a whack at the screen on the back side of the window i leave open. It was another Imperial Woodpecker Moth (you know where my head has been), Eacles imperialis. It's the third i've photographed here now, of about a half-dozen seen -- i don't have immediate access to my notes to check all the dates, but the three i've got photos of have all been in a little over a week's span in late August. I guess i'll be keeping an eye out at this time every year.

The Axis bulls were making a ton of racket this morning also, and this evening when i walked to the office, a cow made a few high-stepping, stomping steps toward me before snorting and sending the herd of 30 to the hills.

I guess the fall insect season is upon us. While it didn't reach biblical proportions there was a decent emergence of crickets last night, and tonight i noted a new "hatch" (really an emergence) of a dark mayfly. The bright yellow large ones have been out for a few weeks, but these are about two-thirds that size and distinctly brown, and they're swarming to the lights. I'll take a walk later tonight to see what predators may be out taking advantage.

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