Thursday, August 18, 2005

ENV: Welcome!

Well, I and the Bird has certainly created some traffic and feedback here!

Welcome to all 800+ visitors from 10,000 Birds, Pharyngula, Instapundit, Texbirds, Science & Sarcasm, Science & Politics, A WhipPoorWill, Rurality,, Cape Ann Online, A DC Birding Blog, AZ/NM BirdWG05, Birding Aus, Bird TLC, Charlie's Bird Blog, The House and Other Arctic Musings, The Modulator, Thomasburg Walks, BirdChick, BTW . . . , The Big Bird Blog, B and B, and The Truth Laid Bear Uber Carnival.

And welcome to folks from:

Germany, Denmark, Australia, Uruguay, Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, England, Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, Belgium, Scotland, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, and Italy

and British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Nova Scotia

and Oregon, Maryland, Alaska, Maine, Oklahoma, Idaho, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Washington, Iowa, Kentucky, Colorado, Tennessee, West Virginia, New York, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Lousiana, DC, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Arizona, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Utah, Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Alabama and of course Texas . . .

And may i also direct folks to some other fine carnivals -- namely the Carnival of Education at Ticklish Ears and The Fifteenth Skeptic's Circle!

And be sure to check out the Friday Ark tomorrow at The Modulator . . .

And finally, i'll be hosting The Tangled Bank here on September 21st, so get your posts ready!


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