Wednesday, August 17, 2005

LIT: National Slam Results

I'm just now getting the results from the National Poetry Slam held this past weekend in Albuquerque. For the first time in 14 years, the home team won! Congrats to Albuquerque. Charlotte took second, and Fort Worth (Michael Guinn, A.J. Houston, K.A. Williams, Steven Sargent and Jamal Mwlima-Coach), and Hollywood tied for third, just a point and a half behind the champs -- must have been a scorching final.

Janean Livingston, also a Fort Worth Texan, tied for National Individual Champ.

And get this, after day one, Ft. Worth was in second, Charlotte was sixth, Hollywood was fifteenth and ABQ was 28th! Meanwhile Houston was in 19th, Dallas was 32nd, San Antonio was 40th, Corpus Christi was 44th and Austin was 45th (so much for the longtime powerhouse!).

After day two it was: 1st -- Ft. Worth, 6th -- Charlotte, 10th -- Albuquerque, 13th -- Hollywood, 21st -- Dallas, 23rd -- San Antonio, 33rd -- Austin, 34th -- Houston, 43rd -- Corpus Christi.

So far the remaining scores haven't been posted. Will update this post if that happens.


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