Saturday, August 06, 2005

REV: Shark Tale

Review, Shark Tale, Kerrville, Texas, 3 August 2005
This fish don't swim

Well, okay. Here's another of those movies i anticipated perhaps too much.

I'm not generally an animation kinda person, but i have really gotten into some of the recent stylistic types -- namely Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. Since Nemo had such a great story i figured Shark Tale just might live up to it.

But no, it doesn't.

It has some funny bits. I liked DeNiro. And i liked the setup -- guy falsely gets credit for heroic deed only to suffer the consequences of the lie (although the lesson learned is not exactly heartwarming).

But Will Smith's fish Oscar is rather squirrelly, and by that i mean the animated character just isn't right. I don't know, it's just not there. And of course, buying into him is the movie. So, what's left?

Well, there's the long dull expository sequences, not something i would expect in an animated film -- although Howard the Duck comes painfully to mind.

The way i figure it animating the passing of gas is just a way of saying the comedy isn't working so let's at least make the 3rd-graders giggle. Only, there either weren't any present or it doesn;t work on them either.


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