Saturday, August 06, 2005

REV: Vehicular at Redrum

Stumbled onto this hip-hop/breakbeat melange at Redrum when i went to see Grey+ Whyte do the headlining show.

This group of guys -- perhaps high school to college-aged (but perhaps not, based on their consumptive tendencies) -- put on a frenetic show to a couple dozen people as though it were a filled arena.

I managed to get a few clips of them in action while i was tuning up for Clark, and now wish i'd gotten more. Unfortunately, i don't know any names nor can i give any further info about them. I did get on their email list so maybe that will come with time. I also got one of their bare bones CDs -- itself excellent, though lacking the energy of the live performance.

Suspecting that one of the two leads is also a writer (they did some covers) it's possible that i can snag him as another of the subjects of Verbaceous. But i'll have to make contact somehow.

In any case, some really fine wordsmanship, combined with some excellent rhythm and a really nice ear for melody and harmony makes me think these guys too may be headed somewhere. Keep an eye on the Chronicle listings for more from them.

Update: They have a MySpace page available but i'm just now catching on (9/2).


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