Monday, August 15, 2005

TDB: STAGE Awards Night

Congratulations to Art Peden and Philip Kazen, Gold and Silver Medal winners in the Best Actor category at the STAGE Awards dinner last night, and to Mike Simpson for the Crew Award. Thanks to everyone involved in the rather incredible production of The Drawer Boy in February. It was a magical experience as they say. Thanks especially to Catherine Babbitt and Cackie Hayes for their trust and endurance, to Lauren Hayes for putting up with all of us, to Mike and Pam for the tech expertise and perfection. To Robin for all the smiles, Bobbye for all the props, Lorrie for all the songs, and to Zada and Earl for the hospitality.

The show also featured awards for actors from Happily Ever Laughter, Marrying Walt, and Sarah, Plain and Tall. What a great crew. Enetertainment for the night featured some outstanding performances, notably 15-year-old Paul Koudouris with a voice as big as Josh Groban's, Julia and Jacob Gremmer doing Paganini, Veronica Danforth, Brandon Curry and Chelsea Fry, and a host of others.

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