Saturday, August 06, 2005

VRB: Grey+ Whyte

Was in Austin last night to do a couple of interviews. One was with Grey+ Whyte, rapper Clark Perry. He was a cool interviewee, and was excited to get the opportunity before heading off to Spain for four months. We'll be talking again when he returns at the beginning of the year.

Afterwards i was able to see his headlining show at Redrum (4th and Sabine). It was a simply superb show. He not only pulls out the rhymes machinegun fashion, but there is a bit of theatre in everything he does. He likes to use props, and managed everything well from a loaded backpack to tying his shoe laces, and in one fine piece acting out his roiling attempts at sleep. He ends that with a gun on his forehead.

Perhaps most amazing is his ability to complete his set all with the backdrop of a constantly playing CD of his beats, and some harmonies and echoes. Only once was he out of sync, and he was ahead of the line not behind. It must take a superb ear and an inordinate amount of practice to keep that up . . . which he did without a break.

His freestyle delivered as promised -- he used a tow truck theme provided by a waitress to riff off of and punched out multiple multi-syllabled rhymes for five minutes.

I'd like to think he has a solid future.

Also on the bill were Earth Raiders and Schlong Daddy, each of which i caught only a few minutes of, and Vehicular, whose entire show i caught and will comment on separately. In all, it was a solid night at Redrum.


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