Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blogarithmic #32

Okay you won't find me going all goo-goo at the average baby/infant/ toddler/preschooler story. You know, most folks only find their OWN infants cute, However, over at Phantom Scribbler there's a serious case of more than one worth-listening-to-rugrat or a seriously great storyteller. More than likely it's both. Here's the most recent story that had me smiling deep inside . . .

I was checking Thomas Boydston's blog Second Edition to see if he's been updating (he has). Seems he's going to help start a scatter band with his friend Ben, whom he also now links here. So i checked out Ben's blog and found this rather incredible haiku (which i assume he wrote):
Here's five syllables
Here are seven syllables
And here are five more

And just because of that i'm going to blogroll him too.

I'll spend a few hours this p.m. doing some faunal documenting, then it's yearbook time for the next 24, and a little nightlighting tonight. I'm already a bit behind in all the things i have to get done -- except the book -- that has to get done. Then that fress me up for some other things. So, if it takes me longer to post west Texas pics then so be it.

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