Thursday, September 01, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #23


Oh my. We've been so directed toward New Orleans in the last 24 hours that Mississippi has kinda slipped, in my mind anyway. Then i saw this video. Oh my. I've been watching (and sitting through) hurricanes for a long time and never seen anything like this. Oh my. This video, shot from a chopper, is 34 minutes long, mile after mile of utter destruction. There are not words. Go here. Click on the Skycopter 3 Tour link.

Check the friends post for word of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama folks i know.

Inside anarchous NO is Interdictor liveblogging here . . . oh my . . .

Another government ignoramus . . . shut up fool and do your job.

I am totally swamped suddenly by the popularity of the new blogs -- The Nature Writers of Texas, Circus of the Spineless and blogarithmicly. Plus, still overwhelmingly disheartened by everything Katrina, and dealing with that. And i have to post the new I and the Bird (coming up; done) and find something for The Friday Ark (done). And answer hundreds of emails (done), and check in with friends. So bear with me -- i also have work to do, and i have a lot of new pics to handle today at work (doing).

RIP R.L. Burnside (archived here).

More Katrina images before, during, after

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