Friday, September 09, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #28 -- posting and friends . . .

If you're one of my regular readers (or a first time visitor) i'm heading out west for some invertebrate surveys for a couple of days so posting will be light to nonexistent until i get back. See you then! And thanks for visiting.

William and HP will be playing Bishop Lynch at home this weekend. Get 'em . . .

The Truth Laid Bear fundraising drive raised over $1 and a quarter million, part of that due to you my friends and readers. Thanks.

skippy the bush kangaroo raised upwards of $10,000 also.

No time to stop helping folks now . . .

Here's a roundup of places and ways to help . . . or to find help if you're in need.

And finally, the ol' disaster within a disaster FEMA, various blogs are collected the headlines and the stories of the most ludicrous aspect of this whole thing -- FEMA steps in and refuses help and expertise time after time after time. If i were Roy Nagin i'd tell FEMA to get the hang out of New Orleans and begin accepting all the help that the people of the country are offering. Tell the bushfeds thanks but no thanks, you were way too little way too late and now you're just gumming up the fixing of the sordid aftermath.

Here's some links: Creek Running North, DailyKos Diary, Constructive Interference
and an entire blog dedicated to this fiasco FEMAFailures

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