Tuesday, September 13, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #29

Yo, i'm back after a fabulous week in the Chinati and Chisos Mountains and Big Bend Ranch. Will be posting a jillion pictures and some great stories in the next week or so. Until then i have lots of catching up to do -- finishing the annual at work, prepping The Tangled Bank (if you haven't submitted for that -- start getting your posts ready!), doing the second edition of blogarithmicly, and preparing for the first ever Circus of the Spineless. So i have a busy, busy week ahead -- and i expect posting to be light during that time as i get all of these big-ticket items finished.

I did see that Highland Park won their third straight game this past weekend and are still ranked number 2 in the state poll. Way to go Will. Will have more details on this later.

I plan to keep adding to this version of Blogarithmic as i settle in.

Some adds:

Of course being incommunicado for a week meanas i missed out on the world. It was nice to be away from the horrible mess we've created, nice to not have Katrina inundating my peaceful little world with the notches on her gun, and nice to be kinda oblivious.

But then you gotta come back. So now i realize, and this seems just plain stupid, but i was completely oblivious to the fifth anniversary of 9/11 Sunday -- and no one else in our crew mentioned it. I suspect that Katrina has kept it from our national consciousness, but it's a sad thing to have forgotten. Of course, it was brought to mind today by reading about the ludicrous Freedom March -- another government fiasco. I'd rather remember the folks who died that be whipped into some false patriotic bravado.

I also see that Calrence Gatemouth Brown died via Katrina, albeit in the aftermath. I'll post an obit.

On the moron-in-chief two takes:

From Bill Maher

and from Capitol Hill Blue

Oh my . . .

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