Friday, September 16, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #31

On the Luck of His Two First Septembers ('01 and '05)

"In his speech, Bush directly addressed the racial divide, noting that the Gulf Coast is afflicted with "deep, persistent poverty" and said that poverty "has roots in a history of racial discrimination, which has cut off generations from the opportunity of America." Bush pledged bold action to "rise above the legacy of inequality."" -- MSNBC

Of all the things said in the remarkably dry, and totally unsympathetic speech last night by MIC, this one statement (stands out to me as a giant repudiation of one of conservative America's most illogical and hateful platforms. It speaks for itself. I can only wonder whether there was any sincerity in its utterance.

I will go in search of whether anyone else caught the significance of this statement. I am certain republicans will remain mum.

Update 9/18: Oh well, looky here! Archived here.

Update: HP stays undefeated with 45-13 win! Tivy picks up first win trouncing Denison 50-26.
Back to the real world: It's football time again. Highland Park puts their ranking up against Arlington Houston tonight, Ingram and Smithson Valley both have the week off, Tivy takes on Denison at Baylor Stadium in Waco.

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