Thursday, September 01, 2005

COM: News from Friends

Robby Fleener got in touch with me. He's working as a Real Estate Appraiser in Houston. Sure good to hear from him. Will pass on more info from him -- soon i hope.

Jonah Priour's up at Hahvahd now and settling in to life as, well TexDude in Bahston.

Michael Hawkins is back at school (with my capo!). It's time for him to get aggiefied, and football season ought to do just that.

Word from John Edward Hibbert and Stuart Davis that they rode out the storm okay. Still waiting on word from Ben Thurber and others but assume they're okay. Update: Thurber checked in -- some damage at his house in Mobile, but apparently friends of his fared worse. You all might write Ben to tell him you're thinking about him . . .

I do have word that a brother of a friend lost everything and has moved family into their house for now . . .

Will Lawson's football team takes on Rockwall tomorrow night at Wilkerson Sanders. That's after last week's blowout win over state-ranked 5A school Denton Ryan. At Texas PrepExtra Ryan moved to#12 from #7 after the loss (that they stayed in at all after a 40-14 shellacking probably says a LOT about HP). Highland Park moved from #5 to #2 in 4A! Way to go guys -- and that goes for all you HPers besides Will -- George and Collins, Paul B and Chrispy.


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