Thursday, September 01, 2005

ENV: I and the Bird #5 is up

John at A D.C. Birding Blog does an incredible job with this week's version of the bird blog carnival I and the Bird. Check it out. He's arranged it as a conference in DC, mirroring last week's AOU conference that was probably the most exciting of all time, coming as it did with the details of the Ivory-bill rediscovery. And this one measures up to be just as exciting. What a great batch of writing from an outstanding bunch of writers!

I am most excited that it continues to attract new submitters, and is growing more cosmopolitan in breadth. Great show John.

Once you've wound down from all the seminars and field trips John has to offer, maybe you'll want to submit as well. The next edition is due out in two weeks and will be hosted by the BirdChick on September 15. Make sure to send your submissions to Sharon or to Mike by September 13.

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