Friday, September 30, 2005

ENV: Not-Really-a-Cat-Friday

Well, in the hubbub of getting The Circus of the Spineless up and running i almost let The Friday Ark at The Modulator slip by. Can't do that -- i've got a special guest for this week.

All week i've been logging the escapades of the Striped Skunks at the Cricket Cafe -- our big Mercury-Vapor lights. Noticeably missing has been a Hog-nosed Skunk this year. Early this morning when the crickets were flying in by the thousands, most everything, including 2 Raccoons, 2 Opossums, 3 Striped Skunks and the Red Fox got their fill early and took off. As i was headed back who should i run into in the dark?

You got it, the profile and the usual view of Conepatus mesoleucus in the Kerr County darkness.

Hog-nosed Skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus


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