Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ENV: Observations

Now that i have The Tangled Bank up i'll be catching up on some other things. I thought i'd mention now though that the Eastern Screech-Owls have been vocal the last few mornings again. And apparently the neighbors have bought an Elk (or more) as there's a bull on the hill bugling up a storm the last couple of evenings. The last two nights i also had a small influx of Chimney Swifts around.

Now the Great Horned Owls started up just before dawn. Which reminds me that there's been a distinct early a.m. chill the last two days just before dawn. I guess that's as good a signal as any that it's the last day of summer and first day of fall.

Those who keep up likely remember that in the last week i have had a couple of White-lined Sphinx moths fly in the window. See photographs of one a couple of posts down. Tonight a sphinx flew in and i thought "well, here comes number three". When it finally settled down though (grabbing onto a smiley face picture on the cabinet) it was clearly something different. I'll have to spend some time IDing this one and will probably use it for this week's Friday Ark critter.

And of course, at dawn a White-lined Sphinx did show up . . .

More to come . . .

Update (p.m.): This early morning's new sphinx was a Five-spotted Hawk-moth, Manduca quinquemaculata. The Great Horned Owls have already started up tonight, there were Chimney Swifts still here at dusk. This weekend (a week late) i'll get to put up the pix from the West Texas trip, and a trip report.


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