Thursday, September 29, 2005

ENV: Post-Rita Darners

A Note from Brush Freeman . . .

I arrived back here from Bastrop Co. on Saturday morning with Rita
still fussing to the east. No odd birds were noted, but the wonder event this
time around had to do with dragonflies, vast swarms of them along the front
beach in town, near all being exhausted Green Darners. They piled up in every
available shelter out of the wind and I took numerous photos of them hunkering
in numbers under balconies, eaves etc. They appeared almost as tired as
migrating birds and it was sometimes hard to stir the grounded ones into flight.
A few were eating their smaller fellows. There were so many in the air that the
sound of their dry rustling wings could easily be heard above the wind. I did
not have the photo equipment to really get a image that could portray all of
this. By 2:00 pm the lot of them had regained their energy and had dispersed to
parts unknown. Pretty cool. Also a sudden appearance of biting flies came with
Rita, small and looking a lot like houseflies. They too soon vanished.


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