Monday, September 19, 2005

LIT: Reading . . .

Aydin, over at Snail's Tales, wants to know what i'm reading these days. Well, it's not Lit lately, and out of the mainstream, but likely to please him. Give me a couple of days to scan some covers and i'll give the lowdown (in between putting together Tangled Bank, blogarithmicly and Circus of the Spineless -- hint, hint: time for entries!).

Okay. I've been spending quite a bit of time buried in books for ID reasons, and also trying to sort out some Polygyra questions (the identity of P. latispira, and the conundrum of P. cereolus and P. septemvolva volvoxis), so these first three books are not a surprise. Of course i'm accessing an assortment of reprints and journals as well.

L-R: The Mollusks of the Arid Southwest by Joseph C. Becquaert andWalter B. Miller (1973); Fieldbook of Illinois Land Snails by Frank Collins Baker (1939); and The Recent and Pleistocene Members of the Gastropod Family Polygyridae in Texas by Elmer P. Cheatum and Richard W. Fullington (1971).

Then, because of my trip to West Texas and also the fall influx of grasshoppers and katydids here in Kerr County i've had a lot of fun with this new book.

Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets by John L. Capinera, Ralph D. Scott, and Thomas J. Walker (2004).

I've spent a lot of time working moths as well, but most of the good ID info on those comes from online photobases, not books.

As for fiction or casual reading . . . not going on right now!


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