Friday, September 23, 2005


Earlier this week a different (than the three White-lined of recent weeks) flew in the office window. Because it landed wings tightly folded i was a bit stumped -- and i've never seen this species this close before anyway. After stumbling through some ID photos i went back and looked at my set and found that i had taken one poor but usable flight photo. The series of light bars along the abdomen sent me looking a different direction and it was seconds before i figured out this was a Five-spotted Hawkmoth, Manduca quinquemaculata. I've really been racking up cool moths lately -- had no idea when i started these postings that moths would dominate -- nor that i'd see so many cool things. So here, for The Friday Ark at The Modulator, is my moth of the week. P.s. note that it landed on a swell happy face sticker on a file cabinet. Not exactly how i would have liked to photograph it -- but if you try to move them sometimes they never sit down again . . . so.

More to come . . .

Five-spotted Hawkmoth, Manduca quinquemaculata

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