Saturday, October 15, 2005

ATH: Football Scores

I was at Taming of the Shrew tonight (good show by the way) and missed the Ingram game and can't find it online yet, but it's not good news that Liberty Hill beat Llano 63-14 (ouch!), nor that Wimberley beat Brady 52-0 (ouch again!). Well, here it is -- Bandera 63-27 over Ingram. 0-2 in district for ITM after starting undefeated. Today was the kind of day to put everyone out of the right frame of mind, but not as an excuse. Looks like a big battle ahead amongst the other three though.

Tivy beat Uvalde 41-26 to go 2-0 in district. And Highland Park beat Terrell 59-16 to remain undefeated.

Stories as i find them . . .


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