Monday, October 03, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #40

As you can tell from the last few Blogarithmics i haven't been able to do much clicking lately -- you know all the reasons if you've been following along. Tonight i wanted to cover something i've neglected because i didn't want to just dash off something short, but instead wanted to highlight -- offerings by some of the other bloggers out there who have spent a lot of time helping get out the word on The Tangled Bank and Circus of the Spineless. I'll highlight some of their own offerings tonight.

First up, the seventh edition of I and the Bird was online this week at Bird TLC. I have a special fondness for this blog carnival, one strictly about birds, for several reasons: i remember it's genesis as Mike at 10,000 Birds so successfully launched it into the blogworld; i remember thinking "this is cool," that it was a carnival i could actually submit to, as opposed to the several i'd been reading that seemed, well, just out of my league, although i used it as a springboard to The Tangled Bank; and then got to host it as my first carney job; and finally because i have felt in such good company with the group. That means, i guess, that i take a certain pride each week in watching it unfold (some folks may be familiar with the Avignon editions of the Carnival of the Vanities [the original blog carnival], in which a certain blog pirate lambasted a host this week and then offered an alternate version, yada, yada . . .). I and the Bird just seems to achieve a new level and surprise more and more every week. Dave's work at Bird TLC fully fulfills my increasing expectations with his coffeeshop perusal of the entries. You'll enjoy each and every one as well, just have a cup of coffee and sit down for a lovely time.

Now having said all that, you just need to know that the next edition of I and the Bird is already in the production stage and those excellent bird posts of yours should be directed towards TroutGrrrl at Science and Sarcasm before October 11th!

The Tangled Bank, for which i was the last host is just about geared up for #38 being hosted by another milkriverblog friend, Hedwig the Owl at Living the Scientific Life. All your posts on scientific matters should be headed that way before Tuesday, October 4th! That's soon . . .

I am really looking forward to both of those carnivals from two of my favorite and more prolific bloggers out there.

And David Ng has completely revamped his Science Creative Quarterly and made some other changes . . . which is nice, but the site was already a showstopper compendium of fun writing. Check out everything . . .

Finally, in this department, Daniel Mosquin, who produces the Botany Photo of the Day, and whose entry for the Circus was my first adventure with his postings, art and photos, is working with the Flower Mandalas Project Weblog on an amazing little effort. Those of you who come here for nature photos may find this fun. Check it out here . . . And be sure and go back and check out the rest of Daniel's work . . .

There have also been a lot of folks just plain saying some nice things about the carnivals in particular and this blog in general (via comments and private email, and on their own blogs), and i wanted to take a moment to publicly say thanks for all their kind words and thoughts.

Some of those folks also thought so "highly" of me as to tag me for the latest meme -- started in this circle it seems by Circus co-sponsor Bootstrap Analysis. So, thanks to The House and Other Arctic Musings, Snail's Tales, and Bird TLC, next up tonight will be my answers to that gem.

From Ambrose Pierce, via media girl:

POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The
conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Holly Beach, Louisiana
before and after Rita

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