Friday, October 07, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #41

Well the front hit here as expected though it did not bring immediate rain. Yesterday afternoon was pretty cool and windy, and the overnight low got to 46 here. Of course the onlyb ugs out were a couple of green Hemipterans. This morning it rained -- about a quarter-inch -- and maybe that's enough to get the moths moving again. Hopefully there'll be a new warming trend without it getting miserably hot.

Sunday is Big Sit day -- i'll be out all day trying to get a complete handle on the fauna for one day. Birds is what the national effort is about, but of course i'll track everything. And, as of now, it looks like the weather will be pretty perfect (but followed by heavy rain all week). I started this in 2002 and had a fantastic day with significant movements of raptors and large migrants, and tens of thousands of Monarchs. In 2003 i was flooded out and in 2004 i was unable to do the count. So it'll be interesting to see what happens this time around. I'll post the results here.

Still working on writing on the meme and a bunch of other writings i wanted to get posted. Been working on posting a lot of pictures from the west Texas trip and then will get to work on the Kerr County stuff.

One of my favorite kids from camp (going back about 20 years plus), Chris Ford, is part of a new wave of neighborhood/community building projects called co-housing that essentially reinvents suburbia in the mold of the ancient village. Their work is coming to fruition in east Austin as i write this. If the idea of having real neighbors intrigues you, you might want to check this out at Austin Cohousing.

Had our first read-through last night for Our Town -- it's going to be great. What a great bunch of new talent at Ingram TMHS.

Taming of the Shrew with Roy Burney and Sarah Tacey and a bunch of Ingram High-schoolers opens next week. Vanities, directed by Marie Cearley, and starring Lillian Beaudoin, Whitney Wilson and Meggie Nidever starts the week after that -- i've been to rehearsal and that's looking good as well.

Football time on us again. I figured out this week that another Vistan -- Ryan Ross -- is playing with Will Lawson on the undefeated, second-ranked Highland Park Scots. This week they're playing West Mesquite for homecoming. Tivy opens district this week against Medina Valley at Castroville, and Ingram, also still undefeated, is at Llano. J.T. Aspra, Ingram QB is the number one ranked offensive player averaging 484 yards per game! What's most interesting is that his total yardage also ranks first and he's only had four games compared to almost everyone else's five. Let's see what district does . . . Smithson Valley, in that ever-tough NE San Antonio School District has their third tough game in a row, facing MacArthur. And the Aggies round things out this week with a game against Colorado -- which means we might finally find out how good the team really is. Scores as soon as i know them.

Should i mention that it's Texas-OU weekend? Go Texas!

Much more to add here later this evening, and probably have a bunch of links too.

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