Tuesday, October 11, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #42

Well, i'm finishing up that meme thing -- just haven't decided yet if i'm going to post it [okay i did].

You will notice though, that in the writing department, i finished part one of the long-promised discourse on birds and molluscs. The next two parts are on the way, and will be ready for edition #2 of the Circus of the Spineless.

Here's a hilarious post on the circumstances by which Charles Darwin is now a household name . . . it's at McSweeney's, occasionally hilarious in its own right, with thanks to Pharyngula for the pointer . . .

Is it not just interesting beyond the usual two-faced talk that the Moron-in-Chief can get all huzzahed about his call for teaching "the debate", nominate an evangelical to rule on the law of the land, and then make a speech about the growing fears of a pandemic -- more like panicdemic at this stage. Funny to me anyway that the way the current flock of strings of poultry flu DNA becomes a pandemic-inducing protein fluff is by way of evolution. Unless of course an intelligent being is going to miraculously unleash this needed miracle on the earth the same way it's unleashed The Tsunami, Katrina, Rita, Stan and a Pakistani quake to cleanse the world of it's vile inhabitants in the last 10 months, while raking away many more good folks than ever there were bad . . . but it's those mysterious ways isn't it, destiny and all that . . . The intelligent thing to do would be to rid the world of bigots, hate-mongerers, and false-prophets -- do the names Bennett and Buchanan spring to mind? They do for me. That would be intelligent.

More evidence, and striking commentary on, the lunacy that infects a certain political gene-pool. At The Loom, thanks as usual to Pharyngula.

Back to the good news . . . Number Eight (already!?) of the immensely popular carnival I and the Bird is on the launch pad at Science and Sarcasm -- be sure to stop by late tomorrow night or Thursday a.m.

Mike Quinn, state entomologist, has identified the bulk of my mystery bugs from Big Sit day as Brown Soft Scale, Coccus hesperidum. Thanks, as always, to Mike for rescuing me.

Contact today with Diogenes/Dionysus and Cold & Glass "star" Peter Navarra. It's true, he cut his hair. He says it's a herald of something new. I'll find out what soon. In any case, Cold & Glass ought to be wrapping up soon. We'll be fine-tuning some scenes from Diogenes/Dionysus over Christmas break as well.

And the final scenes i need to finish Ode to a River are in the making in the next few days. Greg and i will be filming the final sequences on the Blue-faced Ringtail and then it's off to festivals i hope.

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