Thursday, October 20, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #44

A very cool look at New York here.

The NRDC is promoting a blog this week that features a Grizzly expert talking about attempts to delist the Yellowstone Grizzlies and about Timothy Treadwell about whom there is widespread argument over whether he was a Grizzly conservationist or a showboating wacko. I suppose you can ask questions at the blog.

Shows, shows, shows: Vanities opens tonight, it's a stunning show so be sure to check it out. Taming of the Shrew starts its second week tomottow night -- worth it if only for Roy Burney, Sarah Tacey and Charles Bryant, but it's a hoot all the way around. And finally Love Thy Neighbor is in its last weekend at STAGE Theatre in Bulverde -- Bill and Sarah Baumann star.

Taylor Faust is improving quickly at University Hospital in San Antonio, though they are still doing surgeries on his legs. Get out of the hospital Taylor!!!

But nooooow Roy Burney's in the hospital, something vaguely gallbladderish -- don't know much yet, but do know someone else is Petruchio tonight at Taming of the Shrew.

I get that word because i was at Vanities again tonight, and Holly was not, but Marie clued me in. Roy get your durned self out of the hospital. Tired of this hospital stuff.

The girls were dynamite again in Vanities, they pick up more characterization every time i see them. It's a knockout show. Apparently there was a huge crowd for opening and they had a great show as well.

I expect to go see Love Thy Neighbor in the next couple of days at STAGE in Bulverde. This is the last weekend for that so check it out if you can.

Football for this weekend?
Ingram at district powerhouse Wimberley, Tivy at Boerne, Highland Park at Wylie, San Antonio Lee at Smithson Valley, and Texas A&M, in the last high school game before the big three, at Kansas State, and the have-to-watch game of the week -- Texas at Texas Tech.

Update: i keep adding things and so will bump this to the top for a while . . .

Here's some links from around the net . . .

I've been trying to keep some things going on Poultry Flu -- it's going to be a big story, probably soon. Unfortunately i wish it wasn't loss of life we'll be reporting but a cure. Anyway, Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee put their stamp on it here . . .

And here comes monster storm number whatever . . . somehow i don't think it's a Flintstone out there. on logos again . . .

A snail (go molluscs, go molluscs, go, go go . . . what rhymes with mollusc?) in action . . .

Will at Clicked always has good stuff. . .

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