Saturday, October 22, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #45

Saw Love Thy Neighbor last night -- it's funny! The piece is a deliberate farce featuring 2 hours of neighborly insults and three endings. Some of the repeated punchlines get old, and some just don't work, but a lot of it is truly creative villainry. Especially delicious in their roles were Mona Klein as Leona Crump, Bill Baumann as George, Becky Purcell as Rose Bush, and Jeanetta Davis as Ava. Angelo Comparin as the cop and Sarah Baumann as the papergirl had choice cameos and did fantastic work with them. It's a shame this is the last weekend -- but you've got two more shots to check it out at STAGE in Bulverde. I posted a phone number for reservations down below somewhere.

It was a mixed night in football. Wimberley (8-0 and ranked #5) might could have been foreseen as the pick against Ingram, but 63-6 seems more lopsided than i would have thought. From the score alone it looks like they are the first team to find a way to shut down J.T. Aspra. Tivy also lost, 32-30 to Boerne -- that's quite possibly our toughest rivalry, though Fredericksburg gets the press. Smithson Valley and Highland Park (8-0 and #2) both racked up solid wins -- and classy coaches at both schools aren't into running up scores. It was SV 39-7 over Lee, and HP 42-14 over Wylie. I think it's starting to look pretty solid that we'll see both of those teams in the playoffs, and quite possible in the finals. Texas A&M 30-28 over Kansas State High School.

Wilma's anchored in the Yucatan right now -- nothing good can come of that.

Everything or Nothing premieres this weekend. I'll be at a private screening before it opens at the Austin Film Festival.

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