Saturday, October 29, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #47

Sorry, i have been way out of sorts the last several days (at a very bad time for getting some important posts done) and am still on the low end of low. I am going to try to get some info on here tonight, and maybe by tomorrow i'll be back posting more of my regular stuff. Again, sorry.

It's the final weekend for Vanities and Taming of the Shrew. If you haven't gone yet, both are excellent ways to spend an evening.

The ninth edition of the fantastic blog carnival I and the Bird is now up at the equally fantastic Living the Scientific Life. Check it out!

And we're in the final hours before the production of the second edition of Circus of the Spineless at Snail's Tales. Be sure to wander over there on Monday!

Football! A perfect high school week from this little hovel.
SMITHSON VALLEY 31, San Antonio Madison 21
HIGHLAND PARK 55, Mesquite Poteet 7
KERRVILLE TIVY 49, San Antonio Alamo Heights 42
INGRAM TOM MOORE 44, Brady 26 in a stunning upset!

Then there's these guys:
Iowa State 42, TEXAS A&M 14

The big news is i've encountered a rumor that ITM Boy's Basketball is ranked No. 1 in the State in the first poll of the season. Still trying to track that down.

I am unable to track the source of this spelling challenged poll, but it at least lends credence to the rumor.

Now to try to work on Circus of the Spineless submissions, The Friday Ark submission, and whatever else i missed.

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