Sunday, October 02, 2005

COM: Greg Moses coming to SU

My bud Greg Moses is coming to speak at Schreiner Univeristy on 19 October 2005. It would be worth the cost of a Stones concert ticket, but i'd bet it's free. Check it out . . .

Here's a comment from a recent article of his published in OpEdNews, Counterpunch and The Texas Civil Rights Review:

Taking a page from his Book of Cracker Virtues, Texas trained philosopher
William Bennett this week performed a little thought experiment where genocide
by means of abortion might be used to bring down the crime rate. Of course it is
appalling how Bennett's mind plays around with the souls of black folk, one
moment imagining a whole peoples aborted, but such is the nature of the souls of
white folk, flying right through the concept of genocide without noticing the
horrific criminality in that.

Read the rest here . . .


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