Saturday, October 15, 2005

COM: Just arriving home . . .

. . . after a day on the road.

Getting Ode to a River wrapped up with extremely cooperative Blue-faced Ringtails at Gonzales -- thanks to Greg Lasley, then an afternoon of watching UT shred Colorado in the first half and hold on in the second, while somehow USC escaped -- Houdini lives . . .

Then on to the Texas Union Theatre for the premiere of Sons of the Rodeo . . . you won't catch me reviewing a film i was in, BUT it was a really fine piece of work and i'm proud to have been a jumping gangster in the background. It really is a cool film -- entered at Sundance, Slamdance, Rotterdam and various other festivals . . . will update if it is selected. There was also a cool music video presented (sorry forgot the title) and two cool documentary shorts -- Tuesday Nighters about a pseudo-renegade bike race outside Austin, and The Lost Treasure of Palmer Lake about some Red River locals digging for gold. Both very cool.

UT wins big, and despite USC hanging on, if you ask me, and i bleed maroon, UT ought to be No. 1 in the polls this week. Texas Tech also looked pretty sharp in whupping Kansas State 59-20 setting up what may be the Big 12 game of the year next weekend between two unbeatens UT and Tech.

The Ags regained some respectability with a 62-23 shellacking of Oklahoma State. Still needed? A win against someone who matters. Next up, battered Kansas State.

Still trying to dig up a Smithson Valley score -- they played today.

Update: All i can find is that apparently, after a scoreless overtime, SV and Reagan tied 23-23. Details as i know them. . .


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