Tuesday, October 25, 2005

COM: The Legacy of the Chief Vegetable

The way i see it here is the scorecard for the M-i-C's stellar career as numero uno:

Presiding over an intelligence failure that allowed al-Qaeda operatives to slaughter nearly 3,000 people using hijacked airliners.

Presiding over the aforementioned slaughter while reading a children's book and eschewing executive decisions of import to the lives of those who lost them.

Presiding over the invasion of a country with a corrupt administration in search of one man -- not yet found four years later.

Presiding over the invasion of another country that happened to be nearby, ostensibly to knock out a nuclear threat that didn't exist, and/or to knock out a nuclear megalomaniac, while killing thousands more civilians than the megalomaniac himself would have killed over that time.

Presiding over the corraling of the constitution, the insertion of a faith into the lives of other faithfuls, the accomplishment of a near-police state in what was the world's leading democracy, and making public the striving for full-scale public ignorance by a group that cannot function without blind obeisance.

Presiding over all-out corruption, greed and despotry.

Presiding over the sacking of, with an occasional spiking as high as mediocrity, of the world's most vibrant economy.

Presiding over the indictment of the congress' number two leader.

Presiding over the cutting off at the knees of the country's intelligence community.

Presiding over a string of disasters, mostly from afar and with bigoted diffidence, including: the Great Christmas Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Stan and Wilma, the Pakistani Earthquake.

Presiding over the codification, in full public view, of torture as a means by which the great civilized nation of the USA gets what it wants.

Presiding over the effective dissolution of the one institution in America not wholly given to politics by appointing a hack.

Presiding over the fallout from the attack machine of his own party on the aforementioned nominee.

Presiding over . . . what may be the first legal indictment of a sitting Vice President, and or other top-tier White House employees in US history.

Go on, tell me again how he's one of the great presidents of our time. He's not even the best in his own five years. He comes in about 920th in a one-horse race.


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