Sunday, October 23, 2005

COM: On Miers

The Miers nomination is something i've been watching carefully. While i think it ridiculous and a sign of the devastation of the principles of our country for the M-i-C to even nominate a backroom buddy with an evangelical bent, no judicial record, and an "I want to be your Monica" smile, i have mixed feelings about her actually being confirmed.

So even though i am opposed to her presence on the Supreme Court, and am so miffed by the reaction that i remain actually neutral for now, my bold public statement is -- I support the Miers nomination. Why? Well, she makes the most silly of the neocons very nervous, and if they oppose her so violently, well i think the Democrats should vote as a block to put her in (unless of course the neocons are feinting in order to induce the Democrats to do that in which case i retract my support). My other gut feeling is that if she withdraws or is voted down we can't help but get a far more ideologically bankrupt nominee. This way she's not much more than a second-rate intern and will be for years. By the time she figures out the technicalities -- the White House will have switched parties and SCOTUS undergone a wholesale turnover.

I am most hopeful that the nation is finally coming to its senses and will not let this coup d'deus take hold.


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