Thursday, October 06, 2005

ENV: Bird Flu finally gets gov't attention

Several blogs have been heavily involved in the bird flu news coming out of Asia. Charlie's Bird Blog and 10,000 Birds in particular have been warning against making the wild bird population take a hit as a scapegoat for the spread of the disease, when the real culprit will be the virus itself mutating into a human pandemic strain.

So, in just the last few days the U.S. Government has finally sat up and taken notice (with all due respect to the fine workers at the CDC and NIH who have undoubtedly been on top of this the whole time -- i am speaking of course of the science-blind inhabitants of Pennsylvania Avenue when i say "government").

Now we have the publication of the reconstitution of the 1918 pandemic bug, a call for military assumption of policing, the usual economic windfall quest, and threats of quarantine and immigration control.

[So here are a series of the latest "news" on the subject.]

In order to add significantly more info, i am moving these articles to the archives here.


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