Saturday, October 01, 2005

ENV: Observations

Well, it has dawned somewhat funky here today. I can see blue sky, but the whole of the place looks like we're looking through some blue-gray filter. It's cool, considering. Mostly cloudy, but very funky. Yesterday was overcast most of the day -- today is just . . .different.

Anyway, almost nothing at the sheets last night, but what was there was good -- like a cool camo Sphinx moth -- ID and pictures later (although i think it's going to Obscure Sphinx, Erynnyis obscura).

I have a hankering to check out the Argia spots, and maybe look for blooming Eupatoriums on the Mountain Home Road today -- but the sun will be an issue -- no sun, no go. Not that i don't have plenty to get done here . . .

Update: well i made a trip out to Mountain Home. I saw only a couple of small Eupatorium bushes with any blooms at all. The remainder are all in heavy bud though and within a wekk there ought to be tons of flowers and activity. Now i know that my Patch is early since my usual procedure is to go back and forth between locations. Won't be happening this year.

Am beginning the process of setting up a series of faunal and floral blogs to replace the defunct website versions that never seem to do what i want. Not that i trust blogger but i'll at least be working at adding material as i get it and in a somewhat easier to access fashion (i hope). The bare sites are actually up and i'll link them later tonight, but at this moment there is no content. I hope to also remedy that as i prep the west Texas stuff.

TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista, The Patch, Riverview Lodge, office 1 October 2005

1 Melonworm Moth, Diaphania hyalinata
sev. Noctuid sp. ph
sev. Geometrid sp. ph
1 Sphinx sp. ph (ID coming up)

3 Pipevine Swallowtail
1 Cloudless Sulphur
4 Southern Dogface
4 Sleepy Orange
6 Dainty Sulphur
20 Gray Hairstreak ph
6 Common Buckeye
10 Bordered Patch
1 Phaon Crescent
4 Gulf Fritillary
2 Variegated Fritillary
20 Queen
11 Monarch ph (some extremely fersh)
3 Common/White Checkered-Skipper
2 False Duskywing
3 Fiery Skipper
4 Sachem
1 Clouded Skipper

1 Owlfly sp. ph
+ 8 sp. of Mayflies (including sp. #9 & 10 ph; I, II, III, IV, V, VI, IX, X) (early a.m. emergence of tiny VIs; and evening emergence of Is and IIs)

1 Green-eyed Red Robber sp.
1 Beelzebub Bee-eater, Mallophora leschneaultii

3 Redbutt Wasp sp.
1 Bumblebee
+ Honeybee

+ Fall Field Cricket
1 Katydid sp. ph (ID coming up)
+ sev. Grasshopper sp.

1 Orange Hemiptera sp. ph
+ large Cicada sp.

1 Firefly sp. ph

2 Blue-ringed Dancer
1 Pale-faced Clubskimmer
6 Black Saddlebags
1 dragonfly ph? (working on ID)

+ Green Hemiptera sp. ph
+ sev sp. small Hemiptera (but numbers way down)

1 Crevice Spider sp. with prey ph

1 American Kestrel
1 Great Horned Owl
1 Chimney Swift
2 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
2 Eastern Phoebe
1 Blue Jay
1 Northern Mockingbird
1 Carolina Wren
3 House Wren
2 Carolina Chickadee
1 Nashville Warbler
2 Northern Cardinal
2 Lesser Goldfinch
2 House Finch

6 Bat sp.
1 Fox Squirrel ph
1 Striped Skunk
2 Raccoon
24 White-tailed Deer
50 Axis Deer (1 big bull is making a ton of racket tonight)
1 Elk

TX: Kerr County, Texas Highway 27 from Ingram to Mountain Home

2 Queen

1 Common Green Darner

12 Turkey Vulture
3 Black Vulture

[2 dor Armadillo]
1 Black Hawaiian Sheep
30 Mouflon

Owlfly sp. 1

Obscure Sphinx, Erynnyis obscura

Moth sp. 54

Fox Squirrel, Sciurus niger limitus


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