Tuesday, October 18, 2005

REV: Vanities opens Wednesday

The ITM Thespians production of Vanities opens Wednesday at Warrior Theatre at 7:30 p.m.

Marie Cearley, with Holly Riedel helping out, directs three of Ingram's finest, finest actresses in this journey from youthful idealism to jaded mid-twentyish as characters pass right through the Summer of Love on their way whatever the 70s had to offer.

Starring in this tour de force are Whitney Wilson, Meggie Nidever and Lillian Beaudoin.

Check it out.

Update: I won't be able to make opening night so i checked out the dress rehearsal tonight. You won't be disappointed -- from laugh after laugh early to moments that are engrossing and will make anyone who's reached about 35 stop and ponder some questions they don't really want to ask -- the show is a charmer. All three girls are at the very top of their game here.


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