Friday, November 25, 2005

BIO: Bio-Dome (1996)

Bio-Dome (1996) (dir. Jason Bloom)

This is an absolutely atrocious Pauly Shore vehicle. Unfortunately it belongs in that great pantheon of movies that purport to use science as a plot device, but that so mangle the science involved that it's no wonder people find ID believable. Anyway, i got stuck watching this (best i not explain the circumstances, we'll be here all night), but luckily didn't have to watch the whole thing. So the fact that i picked up only a couple of biospoilers in no way means that the movie wasn't loaded with them -- i suspect it was.

The issues: Two things that i saw. First, a TV show depicting a pair of lek-squabbling male Sharp-tailed Grouse. The narrator talks about them going south for breeding. First, in this hemisphere, nothing goes south to breed; and secondly, Grouse don't migrate anyway.

The second problematic ID involved a nectaring Eastern Tiger Swallowtail that was called a moth. It ain't.

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