Thursday, November 03, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #49

Dr. David Ng at Science Creative Quarterly has created a dynamite little writing competition. You can read all about it at the mag's site here. As far as i'm concerned it's a pretty prestigious credit to even make SCQ, much less be in the competition for an award there. So get writing, or polish up something with some legs. Assuming this morasse below me closes soon, i might be inclined to give it a shot myself.

Someone knitted this digestive system. Knitted is a very personally descriptive term.

More signs of the apocalypse . . . (thanks to Erik Breden!)

I think i knew these guys in high school . . .

This starts out a bit boring, but gets your attention about midway through. By the end i was just numb. The player is nine-years-old on a multiple player online game. It's his mother in the background.

You know i get great material from Clicked. You ought to check it out daily.

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