Friday, November 04, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #50

Karl Rove is my neighbor!

of course i didn't know that, and neither did anyone else i've asked around here. but check out this story:

Presidential adviser Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, won’t be facing Class B misdemeanor charges in Kerr County for allegedly violating the Texas Election Code. County officials said a Kerr County resident filed a complaint Oct. 3 with 216th District Attorney Bruce Curry, who passed it to County Attorney Rex Emerson for investigation.

“Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer performed a very thorough investigation obtaining documents from Travis County, Texas; Secretary of State’s Office; Washington D.C.; Florida; and Kerr County,” Emerson said in a statement. “After reviewing Sheriff Hierholzer’s report, I have determined there is insufficient evidence to prosecute either Mr. or Mrs. Rove.”

Hierholzer spent more than three weeks investigating the claim, which centers around Karl and Darby Rove’s status as property owners and voters in Kerr County Precinct 4. The sheriff said Wednesday that he was asked to investigate whether the Roves falsified their application to transfer their voter registrations to Kerr County in 2004.

The Roves address for voter status is listed as Texas 39, west of Ingram, where they own two small houses at River Oaks Lodge, which operates as a bed-and-breakfast. Hierholzer said the question that had to be answered was whether the Ingram property could be considered the Roves’ residence or if their house in Washington, D.C., is their home.

“The Roves own real property in Kerr County, wherein they have a small residence containing personal belongings,” Emerson said. “The residence is suitable for habitation. The Roves sold their Travis County home in June 2003 and applied to transfer their voter registrations to Kerr County in April 2004.”

Hierholzer described Rove, whom he spoke to by telephone, as cooperative during the investigation.

as interesting as anything else to me is that this online story (quoted above) is quite a bit more extensive than the version printed in today's local paper edition. usually the other way around, especially here in guaranteed-podunk texas. anyway, you might say little Ingram was abuzz at the football game tonight . . .

then there's the other neighbor, Kinky Friedmann, who now has a CMT reality show to go along with his bid for governor. the guy is a marketing genius. and he had Morley Safer out at the ranch/camp this weekend for an upcoming 60 Minutes segment. wonder how Morley liked the shack?

Austin PowWow tomorrow. i'm pumped. pictures here tomorrow night i hope.

back when we were in our early playing years one of those guys we followed some was Shake Russell (actually Shake AND Dana Cooper). we hosted him at our coffeehouse in the mid-70s, occasionally opened for him, and liked his stuff. it was good cruising around music. i wouldn't exactly call him an influence or a mentor, because we were headed a different way musically, but hearing him brings back a flood of memories, and all his old stuff is till the most singalongable stuff out there.

so tonight, the Roddy Tree B&B across the river here is hosting a outdoor concert with Shake and Mason Ruffner, and i keep stepping outside for a few minutes to just listen and soak some of that in. he was just doing Deep in the West one of those songs i did for quite a few years. i was just thinking i ought to pick that one up again.

i've been bragging a lot lately about the Ingram theatre kids. here's a note from yesterday's West Kerr Current about Jonah Priour who's gone off to Harvard to continue his career:

Reviews for the play, as well as for Jonah's performance, were stellar. . . "I knew that Cambridge audiences have a reputation for being tough, being in the midst of so many renowned venues for theatre," Priour said. "In the end, I was propelled by a fantastic director and an extremely gifted cast, whose talent and craft were simply remarkable."

"It was because of the history that I carried though -- memories of the genuine artistic brilliance of people like ITM Theatre Director Holly Riedel, the rich learning atmosphere of the Point Theatre, and all my friends and teachers back in the Hill Country -- it was my Ingram values and
training that made it even conceivable to step out on the stage opening night."

"I hope, for this reason, that the arts continue to flourish in the area, as they provide such a strong springboard for young individuals with high aspirations. And i hope that all of the people with such diverse and amazing gifts, who continually come out of the Hill Country are perpetualy encouraged, so the world can see that big things really do come from small places."

Jonah was making his debut as a freshman in the first show of the fall season in the lead as Willi Graf in The White Rose.

it's football night. i was at the Ingram game until it got ugly. Liberty Hill is no Wimberley, but they're pretty dang good. this wasn't a game about who stops who really -- it was about not wasting chances. there were 35 points scored in just the first quarter -- 21-14 LH. but then in the second it quickly became 35-14 and well, that was probably it. Ingram lost a fourth and short inside their own five on the opening drive (that had been further thwarted by a silly penalty that negated a 50+ yard run by JT Aspra). two interceptions knocked out two other drives. you couldn't say Ingram didn't have the offense, but they sure weren't capitalizing on it. nevertheless, you can't call this -- Liberty Hill 70, ITM 42 -- a defensive struggle. JT was looking for a little over 100 yards rushing to add a 1,000-yard season to his 1,500-yard passing season in his final game as a Warrior. it's possible he still managed to do that. i won't know until tomorrow.

Tivy was at nemesis Fredericksburg tonight -- though Tivy's in the playoffs as district runnerup and is heavily favored, Fbg is just out. so WOW -- Fredericksburg 33, TIVY 9!

Highland Park at Forney doesn't show up on the scoreboard yet . . .

Smithson Valley is at Roosevelt tomorrow as the head coach brothers Hill face off against each other -- SV brother Larry is up 3-1 over Roose brother Glenn.

and then there's the Ags, who might be better off looking to be in a high-speed trainwreck than got to Lubbock tomorrow.

one of the great elders, raulrsalinas, was featured at Wednesday night's coffeehouse series at Schreiner University, co-sponsored by Kathleen Hudson's Texas Heritage Music Foundation and Tom Wells' Speaking Truth to Power Series. i backed up Kathleen on siyotanka and dance drum as she read from the works of Leonard Peltier. that's become something of a tradition for us as we annually open up this event dedicated to Native American Heritage Month. the surprise of the evening was guest artist Stephen Bruton, a monster guitarist, who played a few tunes of his own then backed up raul with some jazz inflected acoustic guitar. Bruton produced raul's new CD which is blistering set of words over jazz sax and other tasty instruments from Austin's homegrown best. the CD smokes. also present was Reverend Goat Carson a relocated New Orleans street dude who played a calling song on his harp made of a horse's jaw. as Kathleen would say -- eclectic.

still not quite over the deep hollow feeling from the passing of Rosa Parks, and then comes news that Muhammad Ali is slipping. one of the great enigmas of our time, he is very much a man of peace, while having been one of the great men of violoence of our time. i heard him speak at A&M once and found myself moved by the things he had to say. he stunned me with one simple act. a student, visibly from the Indian subcontinent, stepped to the microphone to ask a question after the speech. when he had finished, queued apparently by the young man's accent or perhaps by some colloquialism, Ali simply said, "you're from . . . " (i can't remember myself now) . . . but the name of the town the man was from. the man immediately broke into a giggle, then just could not contain himself in sheer joy. he blushed, he was simply beside himself, and then could not remember his question. he was, is, remarkable.

the A&M girls soccer team, one of the country's most successful teams ever, is in the Big 12 Championship on Sunday, after a 4-2 win over powerhouse Nebraska. they ended as regular season champions and are the No. 1 seed. they have won more Big 12 titles than any other team, winning in 1997, 2002, 2004 and 2005. i was the first coach of A&M's girls soccer program. my freshman and sophomores went on to win the school's first national title as juniors and seniors. G. Guerrieri, the current coach, has been with them almost ever since it seems like and has built what is truly a dynasty. No. 2 seed Colorado beat Texas in the other semifinal 3-2. Go Ags!

Los Lonely Boys was a band i once saw play for about 20 folks who were completely disinterested until the band fired up. then there were 20 people dancing on the gym of one of Austin's biggest coliseums, all alone, to LLB. i've been in love with them ever since.

i hear word today, besides the note that they're opening for the Stones and that tickets to their own concerts are going for $45, that their second album is due out in a few weeks. it comes with news of record label artistic squabbles -- which is never good news. but i'm all drooly waiting to see if they've managed to avoid a sophomore slump. . .

#50 -- i guess this is some kid of anniversary.

Raccoon past the window last night. tonight it's a slick, black feral cat. something's been a bit more radical up at the aviary the last couple of nights. and wait til i get around to the Cooper's Hawk story of the week.

Singing mice? well, there's some novelty i guess as the world finds out about this -- and i suppose that the idea of House Mouse (the common lab species), Mus musuculus, singing is new, BUT singing "mice" is not new at all. we've known for decades that Grasshopper Mice of the genus Onychomys sing -- students at Texas Tech University and Angelo State University have been doing some research on this for at least half a decade. AND i personally have recorded and analyzed songs of the Texas Pygmy Mouse, Baiomys taylori, and have a paper in review. That was from a period when i had a number of rodent species in the collection, including this one male pygmy mouse. Expert aviculturist Dave McKelvey had caught it in his barn and given it to me. After a few nights of listening to what i thought was a squeaky heater fan i discovered this little guy was singing his heart out to no one of like species. i made recordings, charted the evolution of the song over time (it varied from three notes to two to one as the season passed) and analyzed the number of songs in, and length of, the bouts. anyway, mice singing new? not hardly.

a couple of things about local food. i'm a food commando. i like to eat, and i like to eat good food, though i settle for something else often. here in podunk there are about four choices for food. it's really five or six but the others change hands every few months so trying to give any credit to or slap anyone down in those places is a waste of time.

but of the others here's the thing . . . one i'm not speaking about, it very well may have played a part in my "perfect health" of the last couple of weeks.

the second i wanna talk about is Nancy's Coppertop Cafe. this is a new place. as i pointed out above ephemeral joints are not something i'd usually waste time on. the difference here is this -- the others are trains in the night using the same depot. the same building, for instance, at Ingram loop and 39, has been at least 14 different restaurants since i moved here. i ate in about the first three and gave up.

The Coppertop i feel is different because it is a new place, a new dining room, a new kitche, new everything from the ground up and that to me indicates an attempt at least at some permanence.

i'd been wanting to try it since it opened but was waiting for someone to gusyh over it so i'd have a reason. it also seemed to have a bit of attitiude about it -- a local's spot -- and i didn't want to walk into a place that's already been "taken" over by chitchat and gossip.

so i waited. and waited. and then tonight before the ingram football game, looking for something to eat and passing on the restaurant mentioned above, and passing on the one i'm going to rip below, i figured why not -- there were few cars and i was hungry.

well, i had heard that the place was expensive, but by ingram standards that meant you had to break a five. but i didn;t have any other handle.

it was a unique experience. it's a self-serve cafe. the entrees are at a buffet table, pick one. the side dishes are at another buffet table, take all you want. that was $6.95. add a salad for a $1.50 -- or go just soup and salad for $5.95.

the salad i had was excellent, the entree was not something i'll ever try again, and the side dishes were quite fine. i'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on the entree and try again sometime.

so, this leads into the other place. it's been here a while. i eat there frequently with no harm done. but after my goofiness last week i was on sort of orders to go easy, and i looked at the menu and chose the grilled chicken salad. i like salads. i really do, but i like a lot of stuff on my salad. so what they bring me was a large plate, covered in a jillion green things -- i'm not sure i could have picked out two things from the same plant. and the salad was loaded with tomatoes, carrots, croutons, etc. it was excellent.

so, a few days later i'm back in there and despite being back to a pseudo-normal diet, i choose the grilled chicken salad because it had been so good before. first, they bring me a grilled chicken sandwich. "that's not my order," i tell the young lady who brings it to me (and is not the older guy who actually took my order). i can see by the sick look on her face that she's going to be in some trouble for this and i almost take it anyway, but about then the older guy walks up and asks if there's a problem. i explain again and he apologizes profusely and asks her to change it. since, in the moment, it doesn't appear to me there is going to be violence in the kitchen, i say "okay, thank you." five minutes later i'm delivered a plate with an inch-thick layer of iceberg lettuce and a slab of chicken on the top. my immediate thought is that they took the chicken of fthe sandwich wiped it down and threw it on this plate. no tomatoes, no croutons, no nothing else. i'm surprised i got dressing.

i can't imagine what a business owner is thinking to allow that kind of thing. it baffles me. because there is no question here that they've lost not only a regular, but a pleased customer.

Good news for public broadcasting.

speaking of food, here is one of the most ludicrous articles to ever appear on MSNBC -- from both a scientific and culinary standpoint. i'll be shredding this piece as time allows.

So much fun from a little piece of code:

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