Wednesday, November 09, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #52

Zap goes Arnold's California measures. Zap goes neocons in New Jersey and Virginia. Zap goes the Dover School Board (i got a feeling Kansas is next). Zap goes the approval ratings in every category. Zap, zap, zap, all over the country. Can i say i told you so -- i did, five years ago.

Texas continued its tradition of institutionalized hatred, but who expected any less. Funny how the ballot anonymizes bigotry.

Remember me griping about food the other night. Well, here's another of life's little annoyances. I'm no gourmand, but food is my one big vice. I like cheese and i like salsa among other things. I figure i know those things as well as anything. So tonight, feeling a little itch, i went shopping, intending to get a few avocados, and my favorite cheese and salsa. Nope. They have discontinued both my cheese and my salsa -- in the last two weeks since i last bought them. My take was that the salsa was their top-selling style, but no matter, it's gone. And the replacement style, which i felt obligated to try (it sounded good) was not even in the same ballpark -- definitely minor-league. The cheese? I can't say it was anyone's favorite but mine, but considering they have about 200 cheeses on the shelf you'd think they could continue this one. Oh well.

The ACLU had announced a new program -- Freedom Files on If you're of like mind, be sure to check it out. Just click on the banner. The first program airs in January.

Okay, some smarty-pants 18-yo is just playing around for a couple of weeks and comes up with this little commercial film. Not looking for attention or anything . . . he says . . . but i imagine he's going to get it.

And here's another one of my neighbors -- Thomas Haden Church -- as Flint Marko in the new Spiderman. Check it out here.

I'd been hearing quite a bit about the redesigned/reopened Pampell's Drugstore. That's a turn of the century buidling with an old-fashioned corner drugstore soda fountain. When i moved here in the last millennium it was stil going strong, but foundered soon after. Since then it's been an antique store, almost a Christian kid's hangout, and mostly shuttered. But it's open again with a working fountain -- and it has nightly entertainment. Wednesday nights had been reserved as spoken word nights and that's what i've been told rocked -- especially this kid Conan, who is the one i saw at the Schreiner Coffeehouse last week. So after rehearsal tonight i stopped by expecting some fireworks. Conan was there but said nothing. There was a young lady with a fine voice, and the barkeep who played a tight bass, doing a mostly private little thing on the stage, back to us three audience members. It kind of frittered away after that and i left. Not sure that that's what's been bragged about. I won't be bragging on it until i see something more substantial than that.

A movie about revenge for the Munich Olympics Massacre.

And a phenomenal film featuring hornets vs. bees.

I'm not a gamer, i hate wasting time, even seconds, but some games i think engage critical thinking skills and those get me involved. Too involved. Here's two. For one thing, you have to figure them out, there's not much in the way of instructions, guidelines, or hints. They might make excellent teaching tools in team-think (especially the first). Gravity Game and Grid Game.

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