Tuesday, November 15, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #58

I am a sucker for well-written tributes. Some of them just drain me. So, today, while on tour checking out my favorite bloggers, i came across this one at WhipPoorWill. It is almost as though it is the finale for the beautiful long-running tribute at Creek Running North. Odd how so much similarity of the heart can exist cross-continent. So nicely done . . .

And speaking of Creek Running North, Chris Clarke has designated December 1st as Blog Against Racism Day. I'm not sure i'll have anything erudite to say myself, but i'll certainly promote it as being an excellent use of the power of blogging, and will try to collect as many links as i can here to provide a reading list for those interested.

Report Says Ex-Chief of Public TV Violated Federal Law
By STEPHEN LABATON, The New York Times, November 15, 2005

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 - Investigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting concluded today that its former chairman repeatedly broke federal law and its own regulations in a campaign to combat what he saw as liberal bias.

The scathing report by the corporation's inspector general described a dysfunctional organization that violated the Public Broadcasting Act, which created the corporation and was written to insulate programming decisions from politics.

The corporation received $400 million this year from Congress to finance an array of programs on public television and radio, although its future financing has come under heavy criticism, particularly from conservative lawmakers. Its board is selected by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

The corporation's former chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, who was ousted from the board two weeks ago when it was presented in a closed session with the details of the report, has said he sought to enforce a provision of the Public Broadcasting Act meant to ensure objectivity and balance in programming. But the report said that in the process, Mr. Tomlinson repeatedly crossed statutory boundaries that set up the corporation as a "heat shield" to protect public radio and television from political interference.

For instance, the report said that Mr. Tomlinson violated federal law by being heavily involved in getting more than $4 million in money for a program featuring the conservative editorial writers of The Wall Street Journal. The board is prohibited from getting involved in programming decisions, but the investigators found that Mr. Tomlinson had pushed hard for the program, "The Journal Editorial Report," even as some staff officials at the corporation raised concerns over its cost.

Read the rest here . . .

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